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Watch Repair Services

Watch Repair

Looking for Watch Repair in San Diego? Look no further. We work on all makes and models. We specialize in Rolex services and all high-end makes.  Any problem you have, we can fix it. Most watch repairs can be done while you wait, and some in a day or two. Our Certified Watchmakers can service and repair all high-end makes and models. Let us preserve the life of your watch by performing a Complete Overhaul Service. The Service includes:

  • Completely cleaned movement
  • All parts will be oiled and lubricated
  • Gaskets will be replaced
  • Water sealed, pressurized, and tested (if applicable to your model)
  • The outside (case and bracelet) will be completely refurbished and restored to New Condition
  • 1-year certified warranty *

So whether you need a Crystal, battery, Strap, pin or service, we encourage you to bring in your watch for a Free Estimate. Whatever the watch problem is, we can fix it and assure the best quality in San Diego watch services!

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* Terms and conditions of “Warranty” can be provided upon request.


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