Looking for loose diamonds in San Diego? Here’s what to know:


Do The Research: Get familiar with the 4C’s.

  • Carat: Diamonds are weighed in metric carats. Two carats weigh about the same as a small paper clip.
  • Clarity: Created by nature under tremendous heat and pressure, nearly all diamonds contain unique internal characteristics called “inclusions” and external characteristics called “blemishes.” Many clarity characteristics are too tiny to be seen by anyone other than a trained gemologist.
  • Color: Truly colorless diamonds are very rare and highly valued. GIA uses letters to represent colors, beginning with D (colorless) and ending at Z (light yellow or brown).
  • Cut: While diamonds can be fashioned into different shapes, the term “cut” refers to a diamond’s complex relationship with light. A number of factors influence a diamond’s cut grade, including its overall face-up appearance, design and craftsmanship.

Choose a Qualified Jeweler:

It is important to find someone who is certified, such as a GIA Graduate Gemologist. Take note of their affiliations with jewelry industry groups and professional associations. Before you begin searching for a diamond, choose a jeweler you trust, like Robere’s Jewelry in San Diego CA. We will match or beat any of our competitors pricing, even the pricing found Online!

Ask for an independent diamond grading report:

A diamond grading report details the gemological quality of the diamond. It shows whether the stone is natural or synthetic, if it has been treated and how, and its rankings in all of the 4Cs.

Keep the purchase secure:

Have the diamond appraised and insured. A diamond grading report is the independent assessment of quality; while an appraisal gives a monetary value.

Purchase the stone loose and have the ring set later:

If your are unsure of what the future fiancé prefers in a ring, one option is to purchase a loose diamond and decide on the mounting together later. Make sure to have the loose stone graded.