Rolex Repair Services

If you’re searching for a San Diego Rolex Repair center, look no further. Not sure if your Rolex needs service yet? Don’t wait until something starts to go wrong before servicing your Rolex. It’s extremely important to be proactive when performing repairs and servicing your Rolex watch. We suggest our Complete Rolex Service every 4-5 years. A Rolex watch consists of over 200 parts working together.  The day-to-day movement of the parts causes friction and requires the proper lubrication to avoid failure.  Over time, the oils break down or dry up.  When this occurs, the timing accuracy can be jeopardized and even cause damage to these tiny moving parts.

We have the most complete process for Rolex Repair in San Diego. Your Rolex will be very carefully disassembled – the movement, case, and bracelet will be thoroughly refinished and restored. Your Rolex will look and function like brand new! Our Rolex repair and servicing also includes validating the watch’s timekeeping accuracy and water-resistance. And if your Rolex needs any parts to be replaced, we use only Genuine Rolex parts.  To break it down, our San Diego Rolex Service includes the following:

  • Completely cleaned movement
  • All parts will be cleaned, removing old oils and debris. Then fresh oil and lubrication will be applied
  • Gaskets will be replaced. (When dried out, water can easily enter in to the watch)
  • Water sealed, pressurized, and tested (if applicable to your model)
  • The outside (case and bracelet) will be completely refurbished and restored to like New Condition
  • 1-year certified warranty *

Come to Robere’s and take advantage of our Complete Rolex Repair in San Diego. We look forward to servicing your Rolex! All repairs and services are never mailed out and are done in house. So turn around time is quicker and you get to enjoy wearing your Rolex Watch sooner!

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* Terms and conditions of “Warranty” can be provided upon request.

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