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Want to know what something is worth or do you want to have it insured? Bring in any piece of jewelry or watch for a complete appraisal service. We’ll be happy to provide detailed documentation and an appraisal for any piece of custom jewelry.

Robere’s Jewelry is an independent jewelry appraisal and gemological services company, with over 40 years of combined experience in the jewelry business and jewelry appraisal services. We have built a reputation of accuracy, fairness, and honesty over the 40 years we have been in business.

We accurately document and determine the current market value of diamonds, gemstones, antiques and all types of jewelry. Our professional experience and integrity provide security to you. Robere’s Jewelry is dedicated to producing unbiased, accurate appraisals. If you recently inherited a piece of jewelry or you’re thinking of selling an old favourite, bring it to us first to get an accurate value. Let us help you discover the true value of your jewelry by watching us appraise it in person at our office. We will provide you with a complete report containing a picture, description, and replacement value for your item(s).

Best of all, your jewelry is appraised by our GIA certified Gemologist right here in our showroom located in San Diego, California.

No appointment is needed for your appraisal.

Robere’s Jewelry

Robere’s Jewelry has been serving San Diego, CA and surrounding areas for nearly 40 years. Our jewelry appraisal services include independently valuing diamonds, watches, rings, earrings, gemstones, and all other fine jewelry.


Here at Robere’s Jewelry, we take great pride in our work and believe inaccurate and unbiased appraisal services. Our report will provide you with enough detail to allow the full replacement of your jewelry in case of its loss.

Custom Design Jewelry in Solana Beach, CA


Every appraisal is prepared with the highest professional standards in mind. When you choose Robere’s Jewelry, you can expect professional and courteous answers to all of your questions as well as complete confidentiality.


What does Robere’s Jewelry Appraise?

• Engagement rings

• Diamonds

• Diamond Rings

• Watches

• Earrings

• Bracelets

• Necklaces

• Gemstones

• Pearls

• Designer jewelry

• And much more!

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