Jewelry Repair In San Diego, CA

We are a premier provider of Jewelry Repair In San Diego, CA

Why bring your jewelry repair to Robere’s?

When a piece of jewelry becomes a part of your life it is natural for the metal to wear down over time, prongs to become loose or chains to stretch and break. That’s why we offer jewelry repair for routine services. Come in anytime for a jewelry assessment. We welcome all your questions and will work with you to come up with a solution to get your favourite jewelry ready to wear again.

With over 85 years of combined experience, our master jewellers have encountered nearly every jewellery repair scenario imaginable. All our jewellery repair services are done under one roof by our expert onsite jewellers. This means a faster turnaround time for you as well as the best prices and quality in San Diego, period! We also don’t mind if your jewelry was purchased elsewhere – it will still be treated with the same gentle care as all of our repairs.

Our consultants can help to diagnose your jewellery repair needs and explain what preventative measures to take for you to avoid future damage or loss of such precious heirlooms. Our trusted team of jewellers have been leaders in jewellery repair and stone setting since Robere’s was first founded in 1980.

Robere’s Jewelry Repair In San Diego, CA

Robere’s Jewelry has been serving San Diego, CA and surrounding areas for nearly 40 years. We know how much your jewelry means to you, and our experts want to ensure you can enjoy your jewelry for many more years to come.

Jewelry Repair Services San Diego

Jewelry Repair Process

We do everything right here in our showroom located in San Diego, California. That means your repairs are completed quicker and you can get back to wearing your gorgeous jewellery again sooner.

Our master jewelers have a combined experience of over 85 years! There is no jewelry repair job that is too big, or too small, and the quality of our work is unbeatable!

We’ll also ensure that your jewelry stays beautiful when we have it professionally cleaned and inspected by our in-house jewelry experts.

Getting regular jewelry repair services is a great way to catch problems before you lose a stone or suffer expensive damage. We suggest bringing your jewelry in at least every 6 months for complimentary cleanings and inspections. Of course, you may come in sooner too if you like!

Jewelry Repair Services

Our jewelry repair services include:

• Fixing Broken Jewelry

• Ring Sizing

• Stone Setting

• Engraving

• Pearl and Bead Restringing

• Stone Cutting and Polishing

• Laser Welding

• Soldering

• Replace Clasps

• Replace Mounting Heads

• Re-tip Prongs

• Re-shank Rings

Looking For Jewelry Repair In San Diego, CA?

Some repairs can be done within the same day while you wait. Some repairs may take longer depending on the complexity of the jewelry repair. Whatever your repair needs are, we’d love to help you with them!

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